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Sustainability in Action

by Green Demo ∙ Nov 29th, 2016

These days it’s common to hear that a company recycles. More often than not we’re expected to simply take their word for it. But how do you know if they’re really doing their part for the environment?

At Green Demo we’re big on recycling as much as we can during a demolition project. And we’re happy to tell you about one of our most recent recycling initiatives.

Lord Strathcona Elementary School

Lord Strathcona Elementary School has a long history in Vancouver. It’s one of the longest continuously operating elementary schools, and the only school in the community to have legal heritage designation.

The original school was built in 1891. When it was demolished in 1920, the bricks from that building were saved and used to build what is currently the Primary Building.

Lord Strathcona has been in need of receiving seismic upgrades for several years now, and demolition began earlier this year. Green Demo was contracted by the Vancouver School Board to complete the demolition for the project’s first phase. When our team got on site in early March there was plenty of abatement, demolition, and salvage work to be done.

Salvaged Materials

Our team quickly realized that the floor joists they were removing from the building were in great condition and could easily be restored and repurposed. We got in touch with Western Reclaimed Timber, who was quite happy to take on this wood. It’s currently in the process of being de-nailed, scanned with metal detectors, and processed into a wide variety of beautiful pieces of timber. Western Reclaimed Timber creates incredible finished mantels, panelling, and flooring, as well as unique unfinished cuts of wood for people looking to build something unique with the timber.

Once our team started taking down the interior brick walls, we realized some of them were up to 6 layers thick of beautiful red bricks. The bricks inside these walls date back to 1920, and were in perfect condition, never having been weathered or painted. They were much too beautiful to get rid of, instead we decided to find new homes for them. Some of these bricks went to individuals interested in using them for projects around their house, and others went to a local motorcycle shop to build a feature wall.

Want to be Eco-Friendly During Your Demolition?

If you’re planning a renovation or demolition in the near future, have you given any thought to what will happen to all of the materials being taken out of your building? Will they end up in a landfill, recycled, or saved and re-purposed?

Green Demo works with you to recycle and repurpose as much of your building as possible while keeping the project on time and on budget. Give us a call to learn more about our recycling and repurposing initiatives. We’re always happy to share more recycling stories and chat with you about how you can be eco-friendly during your renovation or demolition project!

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