Think There's Toxic Mould Growing in Your House?

toxic mould

Are you worried there may be toxic mould growing in your home, but don’t how you can be certain, or what to do about it? Not to worry. There are some simple ways to check for mould in your house that you can do yourself.

How to determine if you have a mould problem

Your nose is often the best tool for detecting mould growth in your home or office. If you detect a musty or mouldy odour when you walk in, there’s a very good chance that you have a mould problem. Even if you can’t see any mould, don’t ignore what your nose is telling you! There’s a good chance that mould is hiding just out of sight.

If you detect a musty smell in your home it’s time to do some detective work and see if you can spot any mould growth. If you spot even a small area of mould it’s important you take action as soon as possible. Mould can quickly grow into a much larger issue, and even lead to structural problems in the long run. Visible mould can also be a sign that there’s a much bigger mould problem that’s hidden from view. It’s possible for mould to grow underneath wallpaper, as well as in the drywall itself.

Another way to discover a mould problem is by watching your health. A common consequence of living with mould is suffering from allergy-like symptoms (sore eyes, runny nose, or nasal congestion). If you notice your symptoms get better when you’re away from your home or office, that’s a pretty good indicator there’s a problem with toxic mould in that building.

What to do about mould growing in your house

Okay so you’ve determined you have a mould problem, or you have good reason to be suspicious. What should you do now?

The first step is to get a professional in. They will be able to evaluate the extent of your mould problem, identify what kind of mould it is, and determine the best method for removal.

Mould removal needs to be done safely, and in compliance with WorkSafeBC standards to ensure the health of your family. The last thing you want is for these toxic mould spores to take root in your furniture or other areas of your home, so great care needs to be taken.

Can you smell or see mould growing in your home?

Don't put off dealing with mould in your home - it will only get worse!

Green Demo's team is experienced in the safe removal of toxic mould. Let us know what's going on in your house, and we'd be happy to give you some advice and a free quote!


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