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Lead paint is extremely hazardous - as it ages, it chips and crumbles into dust. Inhalation of this dust causes numerous health problems including damage to the nervous system, stunted growth, delays in mental development, and kidney damage. Very high levels of lead poisoning can even prove to be fatal.


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Hazards of Lead Paint

The body is capable of dealing with very small amounts of lead, but when it is exposed to high levels (acute lead poisoning), or even low levels over an extended period of time (chronic lead poisoning), the body is no longer able to effectively deal with it. Symptoms of lead poisoning don't typically appear until there are dangerous amounts of lead accumulated in the body.

Children under the age of 6, pregnant women, and pets are at the highest risk of lead poisoning. Babies and young children's small and growing bodies makes them more susceptible to absorbing and storing lead. When children put toys, and contaminated fingers into their mouths, it increases their risk for lead poisoning even further. ​

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HAZARDS OF lead paint

Nationwide regulations increased dramatically in recent years, however many homeowners are still unaware of the health and environmental impact lead paint can have. Proper removal and cleanup of lead paint is crucial for minimizing its detrimental effects.

Where in my home would I Find Lead Paint?

If your home was built prior to 1960, it's very likely to have at least one layer of lead paint on the interior walls. If it was built between 1960 and 1990 then it's less likely to have lead paint inside, but there's a good chance a coat of your exterior paint has lead in it. If your home was built after 1990 then it's very unlikely to have lead paint on any of the interior or exterior walls.

The first step is always to test paint for lead content. It's impossible to tell just by looking at a paint if there's lead in it - and there could be many layers of paint built up on a wall that all need to be tested. The lead content of paint, where it's located, and how it is being removed will all have an impact on the work procedures and safety precautions that need to be taken while removing it.

Lead poisoning can cause these health issues

Developmental delays
Slowed growth
Learning difficulties
Loss of appetite
Sluggishness and fatigue
Abdominal pain
Hearing loss
High blood pressure
Joint pain
Memory loss
Mood disorders
Pain, numbness, or tingling of extremities
Miscarriage or premature birth

What to expect

​Green Demo can safely remove lead paint or demolish any lead painted materials, offering a unified, cost effective solution to help you keep your home safe for your family.

Green Demo is a hazmat removal and demolition company servicing a wide range of clients, including residential customers. We offer lead paint removal services throughout the lower mainland and British Columbia. ​

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